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Little Мю

16 November
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always toeing the waters of wanderlust, sometimes leaping in.

nothing more dangerous than staying put.

abandoned anything, american gods, anansi boys, androgyny, anthropological inquiries, apocalyptica, appalachian trail, archaeology, art of bridge burning, attempting gestures, being a fool, being a kid, being unexpected, bike-riding at night, blues on a porch, broken windows, bumming along appalachian trail, chaos, characters, city after rain, dandelion wine, dharma bums, djarum cigarettes, dry lightning, electrical storm, eternal committments, eternal motion, eternal mountain summer, exits and entrances, experiments of dubious merit, fading colors, falling in dreams, falling in love, feeling out of control, finnish, fire island, firsts of everything, floating ice, footsteps in the dark, former lovers, furious storms, get-up-and-leave, getting scared shitless, getting terrified, gin and tonic people, gypsies, haunting stories, hiking aimlessly, hitchhiking, hopping trains, iceland, icelandic sagas, illogical architecture, in love with cities, in love with strangers, inability to forgive normalcy, insanity-a-day, internal storms, jim jarmush, kenders, lakes and rivers, lapsang souchong, laughing till pain, lithuania, magic lives in cities, martha graham, masters of nonsense, meaningful scars, modern dance, music without words, my brother, my sister, myths legends and ghosts, northern archaeology, northern folklore, norwegian fjords, objects with history, old things, overactive imaginations, parting fingertips, people-mine, physical exhaustion, pretending to be lost, pyromania, pyromaniacs, ray bradbury, romani, runes on my skin, russian poetry, sea-folk, serial dreams, skydiving, smiling at shadows, smoking in the dark, st. petersburg nights, strangers on trains, sudden connections, summer novellas, sun spots, sunrise roads, survival, talking to myself, the baltic sea, the beat generation, the borrowers, the color green, time flies when, trans-siberian railroad, traveling by train, trespassing, true madeup lies, true paganism, tuve jansson, unexpected miracles, vanishing up north, waiting, walking barefoot on moss, wandering, watching the clouds, watermills, we-do-it-because-it's-impossible, week-long bike trips, windmills, witches warlocks and werewolves, worlds, Монреаль, Пиииитер, виски, город Пущино, дальние дороги, кошки в городах, кошки в домах, красное дешевое, любимые женщины, не прощать себя, писать в захлеб, поезда, прошлое будущее и настоящее, прощать ошибки, сестра, смерть ужас разрушения, советский кинематограф